FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


You will find vast amounts of advice and troubleshooting information in the Help Centre. Our troubleshooter page is interactive therefore, it will provide you with information that is customized to your specific problem and Reader format. If you are not able to find a solution to your problem in the Help Centre, please contact our support team who will be happy to assist you and, will always try to respond to your request within 24 hours.
If your government requires us to do so, we will add applicable sales tax to your purchase price. The tax might be called Sales Tax, GST, or VAT, depending on your country. Tax is normally included in the price of the ebook, or it will be calculated at checkout. (Or it will be left off in cases where ebooks are exempt from tax.) As we need to comply with the tax systems of multiple countries it can get a bit complicated, but we have tried to display exactly what tax you have to pay in the simplest and most transparent fashion. Simply put, if sales tax is applicable, it will be clearly shown at checkout.
Once the transaction has taken place we’ll send you a tax invoice. This can be used by a company to have the tax refunded. For our part, regardless of whether you’re an individual or an organization, you’ll need to pay the price of your purchase including any taxes. If you’re an exempt individual or organization, you can use our tax invoice to claim back the tax from your taxing authority.
Yes. is an ethical, independent company based in our home country, The United States of America. We do our best, honestly, and transparently. has thousands of customers a day from almost every country in the world. Although thankfully support is only required by the smallest fraction of our users, the support issues cover a wide range of subjects from DRM and licensing, sales and tax, browser issues, file issues, and device support for hundreds of different ebook readers. As much as we would like to, it is impossible for us to supply phone support 24/7 that could cover all the needed expertise in all these areas. The support ticketing system is the most efficient way for us to track, manage, and answer your queries, that ensures you receive the help you require within a reasonable timeframe. We aim to answer all support queries within 24 hours. If you need to submit a support ticket please do so here.
We are aware that the US territories are not separate countries. But they also are not US states. The reason why we need to separate them when shopping at the site is an issue of publisher rights. When publishers agree to publish a book they acquire the right to publish it in certain countries. Quite often it is worldwide rights, but then sometimes rights are restricted to a very specific set of countries (or even just one country). Fairly often when acquiring rights the US territories are lumped in with US rights, but not always! Because of this, we must treat them differently, as a publisher may have the right to sell the book in the United States, but not in the US territories, or vice versa.
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